SPME 024 : Basic Welding for Plant Inspectors

SPME 024 : Basic Welding for Plant Inspectors

  • course description:

    This course provides an understanding of basic welding technology, welding metallurgy and inspection of weld.

  • course learning outcomes:

    At the end of the course, the participants will be able to;
    - Learn welding and cutting processes.
    - Know joint design and symbols used in welding.
    - Understand the metallurgical aspects of welding.
    - Know the procedure used in failure analysis of welded parts.
    - Apply NDT techniques to welded joints.

  • Course outlines:

    - Welding and cutting processes; arc welding, thermal cutting.
    - Joint design and symbols.
    - Welding metallurgy.
    - Weld quality.
    - Failure analysis.
    - Non-destructive testing.

  • practical aspects of the course:

    - Hand-on practice on welding and NDT techniques of inspection.

  • who should attend?

    - Operators, Technician and supervisors responsible for welding and welding inspection.

  • duration:

    10 Days


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