SPMA 007 : Effective Selling Skills

SPMA 007 : Effective Selling Skills

Dr. Abdulwahab Shmailan
  • course description:

    This course introduces participants to a process for the effective selling of services, products or concepts. Participants will learn how to identify prospects, communicate product features and benefits, and present sales solutions to prospects. The program also provides participants with knowledge of effective administrative processes for preparing, presenting and completing sales.
    Participants will learn the communication and interpersonal skills needed to build rapport with prospects, identify needs, overcome objections, gain commitment and provide value through effective after sales support.

  • course learning outcomes:

    At the end of the course, the participants will be able to;
    - Develop product and/or service knowledge and turn into benefits.
    - Employ prospecting methods.
    - Qualify prospects and manage prospect information.
    - Prepare for a presentation by identifying suitable strategies and sales aids.
    - Present a solution using appropriate communication skills.
    - Link features to benefits to match the prospects needs.
    - Manage buyer resistance.
    - Identify and respond to verbal and non-verbal buying signals.
    - Identify and use different methods of closing.
    - Finalize the sales agreement.

  • Course outlines:

    - Changing sales environment.
    - Transactional vs consultative selling.
    - Time management.
    - Goal setting.
    - Territory management.
    - 8 stages of sales process:
    > Prospecting
    > Planning
    > Discovery
    > Presenting solutions
    > Handling objections
    > Negotiating
    > Getting commitment
    > Following-up and service

  • practical aspects of the course:


  • who should attend?

    - Sales people consolidating the basic skills of selling, people new to selling and people seeking to acquire the skills involved in these roles.

  • duration:

    3 Days


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