SPEE E 013 : Data Acquisition for Industrial Applications

SPEE E 013 : Data Acquisition for Industrial Applications

  • course description:

    The focus of this course is to introduce the participants to computer based data acquisition systems and how they are implemented in various applications with special emphasis on industrial applications. In addition, the course discusses the fundamental digital principles in data acquisition and the related hardware and electronic components. The course also trains the participants in programming and interfacing with real-time processes and applying design techniques in data acquisition implementation.

  • course learning outcomes:

    At the end of the course, the participants will be able to;
    - Identify the various transducers and electronic components used in computer-based data acquisition systems.
    - Understand digital fundamentals and electronic components related to digital acquisition systems.
    - Utilize several different types of data acquisition boards available in the industrial control applications including digital input/output and analog input/output.
    - Understand and apply software design techniques in data acquisition projects.

  • Course outlines:

    - PC memory & I/O addressing, number systems, bit operators, and methods of bit masking.
    - Digital I/O with PIO-25 boards, driver subroutines, and bitwise operations.
    - Introduction on designing data acquisition systems using digital electronics.
    - Transistor components for interfacing: gates, buffers, inverters, opto-couplers.
    - Impedance and Isolation considerations, TTL logic states, amplifiers, noise, ideal vs. non-ideal op-amps.

  • practical aspects of the course:

    - Design of a small industrial application for real-time processes.
    - Writing and implementing a driver subroutine.
    - Programming and interfacing the hardware under real-time process.
    - Implement software design techniques in data acquisition projects.

  • who should attend?

    - Engineers.
    - Technicians with 2 years of experience.

  • duration:

    5 Days


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