PEMED : English for Health & Medical Professionals

PEMED : English for Health & Medical Professionals

  • course description:

    English for Health and Medical Professionals is an intermediate level career-focused, program to enhance your ability to read medical journals and health-related textbooks more fluently. Trainees learn to improve vocabulary pertaining to health, medicine and hospital and also their level of confidence and ability to function in a medical environment more professionally.

  • course learning outcomes:

    At the end of the course, the participants will be able to develop themselves in areas like;
    - Medical and Paramedical Personnel and Places.
    - Medical Education.
    - Systems, Diseases and Symptoms.
    - Medical Investigations.
    - Medical Treatment.
    - Medical Examination.

  • Course outlines:

    - Health and illness.
    - Parts of the body.
    - Functions of the body.
    - Medical practitioners.
    - Nurses.
    - Allied health professionals.
    - Hospitals.

  • practical aspects of the course:

    - Theory in Hi-tech Classroom and Practice in Computer Labs.

  • who should attend?

    - Health professionals, medical practitioners, hospital staff, paramedical workers, medical equipment operators.

  • duration:

    4 Weeks


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