SPMA 020 : How to Build a Strong Business

SPMA 020 : How to Build a Strong Business

Mr. Abdulmoshin Aljarallah
  • course description:

    Writing a business plan sharpens the organizational focus. This is perhaps the first step towards building a strong business. This program is about starting a journey with a vision and following a process towards success. The design of a roadmap which will allow to understand the significance of each steps where actions are taken. As a result will lead to much deeper in the field and light the way towards the final completion of the business.

  • course learning outcomes:

    At the end of the course, the participants will be able to;
    - Understand the benefits, functions, elements and marketing components of a good business.
    - Research and align your project with given business processes and corporate strategy, and identify the best arguments to convince decision makers.
    - Build and design your business case documentation for impact and persuasion.
    - Present your project and business case.

  • Course outlines:

    - Choose your business idea.
    - Define your business objective.
    - Research your business idea by needed topics and using appropriate research methods.
    - Analyze and compile results of research.
    - Write your business case content.
    - Align business idea, strategy and processes.
    - Write your business plan (Market, Technical, Finance).
    - Prepare a business model.
    - Adapt your business case to various decision makers.

  • practical aspects of the course:


  • who should attend?

    - This course is suitable for Business Development Managers and R&D managers.

  • duration:

    2 Days


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