Jubail Industrial College Celebrates the First Batch of Graduates from Its Certified Fire Safety Specialist Program.

Jubail Industrial College celebrated the first batch of graduates from its Certified Fire Safety Specialist Program. There were a total of 16 graduate trainees from several government agencies and companies who were provided a total of 12 weeks of intense training. The graduation ceremony was attended by Dr. Eid M. Al Hajiri, Jubail Industrial College Managing Director, civil defense officials and representatives from the Saudi Society for Fire & Safety, as well as many other officials from a number of government agencies and companies.  
It is worth mentioning that the training program is offered to applicants who have at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited university or college in addition to a minimum of one year of experience in fire safety, or applicants who have an associate degree with a minimum of two years of experience whilst applicants with only a high school diploma certificate require at least three years of experience. In addition, the program consists of eleven intensive highly specialized subjects including hands on training in physics, combustibility and flammability, fire behavior, chemistry of hazardous material (HAZMAT), life protection, fire-resistant construction materials, fire detection and warning systems, water supply and hydraulic fire protection systems, designing fire protection systems, and blueprint assessment and approval.
The learning outcomes of the program include knowledge of plant inspection and evaluation, the study and analysis of the flammability and combustibility of materials, preparation of protective plans to mitigate fire losses, inspection, operation and routine testing of fire-fighting equipment, as well as the use of certified fire safety and protection reference materials in addition to the ability to understand and apply them. The “Certified Fire Safety Specialist Program” has been deemed an approved training program by the General Directorate of Civil Defense and the Saudi Society for Fire Safety (SASF).
Fire Safety Training Center at Jubail Industrial College is equipped with state of the art internationally certified laboratory and training facilities exemplifying the College’s vision of providing specialized training courses for employees in Jubail Industrial City. Additionally, the center also houses a fire prevention laboratory, a fire-alarms and fire-detection systems laboratory, a fire Hydraulic system laboratory and a design and simulation lab for fire prevention systems. The center aims to train and prepare a highly efficient fire safety and protection workforce by providing professional training programs accredited by the foremost local and international agencies in the field of fire safety and prevention.