Safety Inspection Certification Program

1 – Basic Details:

Designed for Fresh High school graduates

Total Program duration: 62 weeks

Program phases: three Phases as –

32-week English: Phase I:

Intensive English Language Program

12-week Science: Phase II:

Numeracy, basic science.

9-week Phase III: Technical Phase 1:

Safety Core Courses.

9-week Phase IV: Technical Phase 2:

Inspection courses.


2 – Expected Training Outcomes:


The graduates of this program will be able to:

a – Knowledgeable in legislation of health and safety standards.

b – Provide advice and recommendations on health and safety procedure in site.

c – Evaluate suitable protective equipment (PPE) needed in site.

d – Evaluating safety programs (work permit, work at height, confined space, etc.) in field.

e – Investigate accidents and apply recommendations

f  – Carry out examinations of machinery, working environments and structures (noise level, heat, and vibrations)

g – Examine precautions taken to prevent industrial diseases.

h – Managing conflicts between safety considerations and production/profit

i – Writing reports on results of inspections and investigations and completing detailed paperwork.


3 – The Training Plan:

Phase I: English Phase (32 weeks)

The candidates who will request for exemption of English Phase will be required to pass English Proficiency test. If they will pass the test, they will be enrolled directly from Phase II.

Phase II: 12 Weeks Science

(11 weeks teaching + 12th week for final exam)

Phase III:  9-Weeks Technical Phase I

(8 weeks teaching + 9th week for final exam)

Phase IV:  9-Weeks Technical Phase II (weekly modules)

4 – Assessment Criteria :

Each phase will be followed with final examination week after completion of course work and candidates will be required to pass all courses in each phase to proceed to next phase.

5 – Certification issued :

Certificate of Attendance will be provided to all candidates who will attend program.

The candidate who will be successful in all phases of program will be issued with “Certified Safety Inspector”. The certificate issuing authority will be Jubail Industrial College.