Information for Trainees

1 – For any inquiry about the course, please send email at or check course details at

2 – To register in any course, please visit

3 – The learners shall attend orientation sessions for the short courses and long programs to know detailed information about course and JIC policies.

4 – JIC, in accordance with laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and JIC policy, does not discriminate students and trainees. This non-discrimination policy covers admission, access, and treatment in all JIC programs and training activities.

5 – A trainee will not be awarded certificate of attendance if his absence hours exceed 20% of the total contact hour’s limit of cumulative absences and will not be awarded IACET CEUs for courses if his absence hours exceed 10% of the total contact hours.

6 – The trainees shall score minimum 70% in assessments to earn educational continuing education unit in any particular course.

7 – JIC uses the ANSI/IACET Standard for CEU computation.

     – One  (1) CEU  =  10  hours  of  learner  contact  with  the  content  of  the  training activity (includes classroom, pre/post   assignments, and/or homework in support of a learning outcome).

     – The   actual contact hours for classroom and lab training  is computed  by summing  all  of  the   minutes  for  all  activities  in  a  training  event, subtracting time  spent  on   non-allowable  activities, dividing by  60  minutes,  and  dividing  again  by   10  hours,  with  the  fraction  for  the last  few  minutes  rounded off  to  the   nearest  tenth.  If the resulting computation ends in less than 0.5, round   down to 0.  If the resulting computation ends in 0.5 or Higher, round up to the nearest whole number.

8 – JIC maintains  detailed  records  for  all  trainees  who  participate  in training  events   with  CEUs.  Trainee records are the property of JIC and are considered   confidential.  Access to the information they contain is restricted to JIC staff who have a legitimate reason to review information.

9 – JIC will  release  trainee information only  directly to  the  trainee  immediately after the training event and  at   the  trainee’s  request  for a minimum of seven years.

10 – Trainees can request their training records by submitting Trainees Record Release Request Form that can be requested at or collected from JIC SP Unit. The record can then be collected within 7 working days.

11 – JIC will notify participants who have not met IACET requirements or not successfully completed the training course. The notification shall be sent by email to participants and their supervisors after 15 days of the training. Trainees have right to request review for their final exam assessment.

12 – JIC staff conducting any training course shall  not advertise  any  personal proprietary  programs  or  materials   during  any  short/long courses,  unless  an  exception  has  been  approved  by  ETA and  disclosed  to  trainees  in  advance  of  the  training  event during orientation event.