Field Operator Training Program


To create qualified workforce and to replace future attrition, to recruit APNE and provide all required training to

   make them academically certified.

The main objectives of this training process are to bring the participants the knowledge and the know-how for the specific job

   held by an operator.



Total Program duration: 780 Hours.
24 weeks Theoretical : Conducted by JIC staff at JIC premises
16 Weeks Practical : Conducted by company staff
2 Weeks Final Presentation and Exams: Conducted jointly by JIC/company at JIC premises

Program Module: 8 Modules: JIC covers the maximum topics

Module I: Covers Safety Rules, Procedures, Operators Training and Academic Training (Basic Science).
Module II: Covers Orientation & Hydrocarbon Processing, Process variable and Electrical Fundamental and Plant safety Hazards.
Module III: Covers Valves, Vessels and Columns.
Module IV: Covers Rotating Equipment, Pumps and troubleshooting.
Module V: Covers Compressors and Reciprocating Equipment.
Module VI: Covers Furnaces and Boilers, Heat Exchangers & Air Cooler.
Module VII: Covers Steam Turbine & Ejectors, Tanks, Cooling Tower, Sample, Flare System Network.
Module VIII: Covers Process Flow diagram , Plant Simulator, Plant Personal Duties , Crude Oil Processing , Oil Movement and Sewer system and Vapor recovery , Distribution Facilities.