SPIT 016 : MS Word 2013 (Arabic) – MOS Exam 77-418

SPIT 016 : MS Word 2013 (Arabic) – MOS Exam 77-418

Mr. Rabea Tabanga
  • course description:

    This course prepares the participants for the official Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word 2013 Exam 77-418 (Arabic Edition).

  • course learning outcomes:

    At the end of the course, the participants will be able to;
    - Create and manage documents.
    - Format text, paragraphs, and sections.
    - Create tables and lists.
    - Apply references.
    - Insert and format objects.
    - Prepare participants to take MOS certification.

  • Course outlines:

    - Create documents.
    - Navigate through documents.
    - Format documents.
    - Customize document options and views.
    - Configure documents to print or save.
    - Insert text and paragraphs.
    - Format text and paragraphs.
    - Order and group text and paragraphs.
    - Create tables and modify tables.
    - Create and modify lists.
    - Create endnotes, footnotes, and citations.
    - Create captions.
    - Insert and format building blocks.
    - Insert and format shapes and SmartArt.
    - Insert and format images.

  • practical aspects of the course:

    - All training hours will be conducted in a computer lab equipped with Microsoft Office suite. The MOS certification exams will be conducted on JIC’s Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC).

  • who should attend?

    - The participant should has at least six months of experience using all aspects of the outlook application on a regular basis.
    - Proficiency in doing basic computer tasks.
    - At least High-school diploma.

  • duration:

    5 Days


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