Basic Operation Training Program


– Have skills to express and communicate themselves in English correctly and effectively in a range of work related and general situations.

– Have skills to perform simple mathematical functions.

– Acquire basic appreciations of the chemical reactions that occur in process plants.

– Understand electrical fundamentals and how they relate to some electrical equipment such as motors, generators, and transformers.

– Know basic distillation processes, distillation columns, and operation of lab scale distillation column.

– Learn main features of the construction and operation of rotating equipment such as pumps, compressors and motors.

– Learn about process equipment such as (common) heat exchangers, boilers, steam turbines, storage tanks, furnaces, reactors, dryers,

   filters and evaporators.

– Know the basic operator’s responsibilities, safety and environmental concerns in a process plant, in addition to

   management/supervision skills, work ethics, teamwork spirit, punctuality and time management, positive attitude, etc.

– Be able to read and interpret the process flow and P&ID diagrams.



60 Weeks



Phase I – 40 Weeks duration: Intensive English Courses

Phase II – 10 Weeks duration: Science, Math and Technical Courses

Phase III – 10 Weeks duration: Extended Technical Courses